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Orders process quickly. Typically an order sent early Monday arrives on Thursday or Friday.


Enjoy over 60% savings on DHL Express.
Take advantage Notions Marketing’s competitive discounts.
Leverage your currency exchange rate.


140,000+ products in stock now and 40,000+ products added each year.


How fast will I receive my order?

The time from order placement to receipt is generally four business days. An order sent early Monday arrives to the store on Thursday or Friday.

Who will ship my order?

The preferred carrier is DHL. Because of our high shipping volume, you will experience at least 60% savings with DHL Express. If you don’t currently have a DHL account, plan on a day or more to clear for the first few orders until they get to know you.

What will shipping cost?

Freight is always based on weight and dimensions, but most customers tell us freight typically lands between 8–15% of cost of goods. This expense is easily compensated by your currency’s buying power and Notions Marketing’s competitive discounts. Most international retailers target a $300 minimum and find the most value over $1,000 per shipment. Items are packed tight to minimize cube for best shipping rate.

When is VAT added?

VAT (value added tax) is added in country by DHL. Customers who have a DHL account report seamless processing.

What about tariff?

Most items travel tariff free. Customers report tariff averages around 1% of cost of goods. The invoice includes tariff numbers for all items which facilitates a smooth import process for you.

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