Why Buy from Notions Marketing?

There are many places to purchase product in this multi-billion dollar industry. We believe Notions Marketing is one of the very best sources in the industry. We are confident in this statement through statistics but also because our customers tell us so!

Product Selection

The product mix of Notions Marketing has expanded every year of our existence. Our current range is over 140,000 in-stock SKU. We bring more new product to market than anyone in the industry; we added over 45,000 new items in 2013 alone. Retailers recognize Notions Marketing as a leader in new product and product information.


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Product Categories

Paper Crafts

New products drive this product category so every day we add more new items to fill insatiable demand in the market. An amazing vendor community keeps us informed of everything coming to market. A very tuned-in customer base tips us on any hot new suppliers in the market. The net result is pure convenience for the Paper Crafts retailer. Big brands, premier brands, new brands, exclusive brands...they are all here.

This product category moves fast so clearance is a frequently visited space on this website. Paper Crafts retailers tend to love our DOT electronic ordering system because it saves time and because of the many tools available within this website.

Order accuracy, strong fill rates and free freight compliment our ability to land product in your store faster and with more net margin to your bottom line. Find everything you need at Notions.

Crafts & More

Pure convenience; that’s what the craft category offers independent retailers. Why? Because there is simply no other source with the diversity of product and depth of selection (and great customer service) in one place! Whether you are building a new 60 foot bead wall or starting a party/celebrations department, Notions Marketing is prepared to be your primary supplier. Notions Marketing will increase your turn with low item minimums and quick ship, increase your profit with the industry’s best delivered costs, reduce your costs with free shipping, and reduce your risk by sharing with you what is selling and what is not selling.

Crafts has a broad definition at Notions. Product categories inside this 1000+ page catalog include beading/jewelry, clay, Kids: craft, toy & educational, food crafts, party/celebrations, floral, office supply plus many traditional crafts like quilling, basketry & stone. Dozens of new Craft suppliers are added each year; check out New Goods for hundreds of new items each month.

Sewing & Quilting

Sewing & Quilting is an ebb and flow of American culture. We believe that and we follow that tide. With a name like Notions Marketing you would expect us to be top in all things notions and we are. Best assortment, best price, best in stock position and best ability to get it to your store fast!

Sewing & Quilting is a category that is the fabric of America, encompassing rich history, art and story. We feel that passion every day from the stores we work with and we take that passion seriously.

Sewing and Quilting catalog

From scissors to thread and needles to irons, we work hard to have everything your customer needs and wants.


Fabric is the paper of the sewing and quilting world. We know that it is essential to offer a selection that will meet all your needs and that it is our responsibility to provide you with the best fabric at the best prices. That is why we feel it is important to offer as much drop ship fabric as possible. We want to save you money.

When it comes to everyday basics we know that time is money, so for your convenience we offer many basic fabrics from our warehouse. Find muslin, broadcloth, flannel and Springs Creative’s top 50 SKU’s available for your store now.

Order 1 bolt or order 20; we don’t have a minimum because we know how important your money is. Think of our warehouse as your warehouse.

Fabric is included in the Sewing & Quilting catalog

Knit & Crochet

We have lived and loved the knit & crochet category longer than any other craft category, as yarn and its related implements were part of the original mix of products we sold to Five & Dime stores in the 1930’s. Our product selection has changed dramatically but our commitment to this category has not wavered through these many years.

Convenience and selection is what drives our knit & crochet business. We stock key brands full line and we offer product depth which surpasses any distributor in the country. Strong vendor partnerships, many of which go back 40 years and more, provide you with early new product releases, exceptional pricing, strong fill rates and sales tools.

These strong partnerships are exemplified in key market brands which choose Notions Marketing as their sole distributor to the independent trade.

Whether you are an independent yarn shop or a general craft store with a yarn department, you will find Notions Marketing to be one of your most reliable and cost competitive sources.

Needle Arts

Needle Arts has seen its ups and downs but our commitment to success in this category has been constant. With over 9,000 unique items in the category, we are likely the largest single source of needle art supplies in the US! Whether you come here to enjoy our great everyday prices on DMC products or to have access to every kit produced by the top three needle art kit producers in the country, we are sure to exceed your expectations. Ask any existing Notions Marketing customer about us and they will start to tell you about our customer service. Our reputation for customer service is a key component of our company culture. We are here to be of service to the independent retailer and that pervades everything we do.

We know color is key to your buying decisions in this category so you will find images and/or color chips for every item within the category on our website. Many drop ship programs compliment our expansive in-stock mix of products; you are sure to find us to be a low cost provider and a reliable resource.

Paint, Art Supplies, & More

We know what retailers want from their paint programs: no missed sales! Our commitment to strong fill rate permeates every aspect of the business. Not only that, we can guarantee 99% order accuracy because every item of every order is quality checked. And there is a little bonus we extend to all our paint customers: free freight! Whether it is a case of ModPodge, a skid of Krylon or an extra large paint by number kit, it will arrive to your door freight prepaid!

The print Paint Catalog is full color with color chips on every single shade. All programs are supported with clear assortment information so building and maintaining a program is a breeze.

Strong, long-standing vendor partnerships assure competitive prices for you. At customer request, we are actively building Art Supplies. You can now find over 100 pages of fine art products in this catalog. New products are added daily.